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Member Incentive Programs

Grayson Rural Electric offers the following incentives to its members to encourage the selection of energy efficient and environmentally-wise residential equipment.  These incentives are good for installations made on or after 01/01/2013.

Forty to fifty percent of a home's energy usage goes to heat and cool the air. Monthly electric bills for this usage can represent a big part of a family's budget. In Grayson Rural Electric's support of its members and energy management, the Cooperative provides incentives for efficient use of electricity.

For more information on these programs, please contact our Energy Advisor, Tina Preece, at 800-562-3532 or 475-2185.



Stick built homes only. Guidelines are available at Grayson Rural Electric. Call before you begin to see if you will qualify for this rebate. The home must meet all guidelines in order to qualify.


Two of the best improvements that you can make to your home to lower your heating and cooling costs are to stop outside air from getting in and to increase the amount of insulation in your home.  Grayson Rural Electric’s Button-Up program helps you increase your home’s efficiency and your comfort while helping you saves money on your electric bills!

Your home must be at least two years old and use electricity as the primary heat source.  Call our Energy Advisor, Tina Preece, and make an appointment to have her visit your home to point out areas where efficiency can be improved.  A heat-loss calculation will be done before you make recommended improvements and then again after improvements to determine the exact amount of your incentive payment.  When you button up, we’ll pay you $40 for every 1,000 BTUs your heating load is lowered, up to the maximum amount..

Contact your local Grayson Rural Electric office for more information or to set up an appointment.


Upgrade your resistance heat (baseboard, ceiling cable, electric furnace) to an energy efficient heat pump and receive an incentive.

13 SEER $500

15 SEER 1000.00

For program guidelines please contact Grayson Rural Electric


Grayson Rural Electric will do a Home Energy Audit on your home and it’s absolutely FREE!!  You have nothing to lose, except higher heating and cooling bills.  Whether your home is old or new we can recommend what can be done to make it more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool.

We’ll send a representative to your home, check it out thoroughly, and recommend improvements that can be done to weatherize your home for winter or summer.  And if you are a do-it-yourselfer we will suggest the material you’ll need to complete the job.

There’s no obligation.  Our only interests are saving you money while providing you the comfort you expect.

Home Energy Analysis is available to any member of Grayson Rural Electric who is electric as their main source of heat.   To apply all you need to do is fill out the form below.

Energy Audit



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