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NO Pokémon at Electrical Substations

NO Pokémon at Electrical Substations

With Pokémon Go players on the rise, Grayson RECC is concerned about people looking to catch the virtual characters around high voltage equipment.


“Power lines and electrical substations are no place to be playing around,” says Kyle Clevenger, Manager of Operations. “The consequences of getting close to an electrical substation are electrocution or death – it’s not a game, it’s a reality. And definitely no one will be going home a winner or with more Pokémon characters.”


Games that generate excitement and create activity can be distracting to the players, especially when individuals are preoccupied with winning something. Those playing Pokémon Go should use extreme caution to ensure personal safety and the safety of others. “Whether it’s our electrical facilities, road traffic, driving a vehicle or just walking down the street, we should all be mindful of our surroundings while having fun,” says Clevenger.


Grayson RECC reminds everyone that entering electrical substations is both a crime and extremely dangerous. The potential of another Pokémon capture is not worth risking your life!

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